ZeroDrops 123 Tethering board

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Article number: NLG-101468
Regular price € 249,95 ex. BTW
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Introducing the Never Let Go 123 Board - the ultimate educational solution for tool tethering.

The Never Let Go 123 Board provides a visual overview of the revolutionary 123 tool securing system. The simple but effective 123 system has been specially designed to provide maximum safety to professionals who work at heights or operate in challenging environments. Even when you come into contact with tool tethering for the first time, the board will provide you with sufficient tools to safely apply the right products. With this innovative product, the risk of falling tools is a thing of the past, guaranteeing a safer and more efficient working environment. A 4th board has now also been added to the 123 series. The 4th board provides an overview of storage and transport options for (loose) materials. Just turn the NLG Aero pouch over and see that it does not lose its contents!

Most important features:

  1. Secure Tool Tethering: The 123 Board provides an overview of the reliable 123 tool tethering system. Thanks to the clear design and high-quality tool tethering materials, your tools are always held securely, preventing accidental drops and potential hazards.
  2. Versatile mounting options: This tethering system offers various mounting methods, including rings, Tether Tape, steel cables and mounting loops. This allows you to easily adapt the composition of your tool tethering to your specific needs, for maximum flexibility and ease of use.
  3. Lightweight and Durable: The 123 Board is constructed from durable, lightweight Dibond it is suitable for outdoor use.
  4. User-friendly design: The intuitive design of the 123 Board makes it particularly easy to use. With clear instructions and a hassle-free installation, you can quickly integrate this system into your work process, without any disruption. The ergonomic properties of the products ensure a comfortable grip and smooth operation.
  5. Improved productivity: By eliminating the risk of falling tools, you can fully concentrate on the job at hand, with peace of mind. This increases productivity, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent retrieving tools. It reduces the chance of accidents or damage.
Invest in the Never Let Go 123 Board and raise your safety standards to unprecedented heights. Whether you're a construction worker, industrial professional or craftsman, this advanced tool tethering solution will revolutionize your work environment, resulting in a safer and more efficient workflow. Uncompromising safety is at your fingertips - choose the Never Let Go 123 Board today!

The displays are printed on Dibond and have an A2 format (42 x 60 cm). The four different plates come with samples including:
  • 1 x NLG Small D Ring Tool Tether
  • 1 x NLG Large D Ring Tool Tether
  • 1 x NLG NLG Tether Loop™, 150mm
  • 1 x NLG Tether Ring™
  • 1 x NLG Heavy duty Retractable tool Lanyard
  • 1 x NLG Extended Coil Tool Lanyard
  • 1 x NLG Bungee Tool Lanyard
  • 1 x NLG Adjustable Wristband
  • 1 x NLG Belt Loop Anchor
  • 1 x NLG TriLock™ Velcro Anchor
  • 1 x NLG Heavy Duty Anchor Choke™
  • 1 x NLG Aero Pouch


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