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Business ordering on invoice?

Buy now and pay by invoice within 30 days
Pay afterwards without extra costs or registration - Billie &

In collaboration with Billie, we now offer business post-payment on invoice.
With a payment term of 30 days you have sufficient time to make the payment.

How does payment via Billie work?
- Complete all invoice and shipping details.
- Select 'Billie: Buy Now, Pay Later.' as a payment method.
- Enter additional information on the Billie payment page.
- Automatic authorization based on AI
After approval, we will process the order. Billie will send you the payment information and remind you when it is time to pay.

Authorization process
Billie carries out the authorization process based on your company name, Chamber of Commerce number and data from the ordering process. Your input, data, creditworthiness and overall fraud sensitivity are checked within seconds by Billie's artificial intelligence.

In only exceptional cases the transaction is rejected, please choose another payment method.

Has the payment term expired but the order has not yet been completed? Don't worry, Billie guarantees, you can easily file a dispute.

Reseller or major user?
Perhaps the Billie payment method does not suit your organization. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.
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Frequently asked questions - Business ordering on invoice via Billie

How can I pay on account with Billie as a corporate customer?

Buy today and conveniently pay later within 30 days, allowing you to check the goods prior to paying. Here's how “Buy Now Pay Later” works:

Step 1:
Add all the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart and select “purchase on account” with Billie as your payment method at the checkout.

Step 2:
Enter the required information. After that, you will immediately know if your payment by invoice purchase has been accepted. No registration required.

Step 3:
Billie will send you the payment information via email and send a reminder when it's time to pay.

Once you complete your purchase, you'll also get access to your personal Billie Buyer Portal. Here you can view, download, manage your invoices and change your payment method.

Do I pay any fees when using Buy Now, Pay Later with Billie?

Corporate customers can use payment by invoice free of charge. There are no fees for buyers when selecting "payment by invoice" with "Billie".

How can I pay my outstanding invoice through Billie?Collapsible row

Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive all your payment information, including account information for the bank transfer from Billie via email. Additionally, you'll receive access to your personal Billie Buyer Portal where you can view all your Billie invoices and related payment information. You can also conveniently change the payment method from bank transfer to direct debit.

Where can I find my payment confirmation for payment by invoice via Billie?

In your personal Billie Buyer Portal, you can view the status of your Billie invoices. You can see in the buyer portal as soon as you settle a payment. Please note that the processing of a transfer can take up to three working days. Only after your payment has been successfully issued will the status of the associated invoice be updated. If this process takes more than three business days, please contact Billie customer service .

You may receive a payment reminder if you make your transfer shortly before or after the due date. Once we have received the payment in our system, the payment reminder process will be automatically deactivated.

Why can't I use Billie invoice purchase?

If corporate customers decide to pay by invoice with Billie, a check is made to see if the order can be accepted for the requested amount. Not only is this check based on general company identification information such as, address, company name, but primarily on payment history, invoice amount and, if applicable, external information from credit agencies. These factors determine whether pay by invoice can be approved. If pay by invoice with Billie is not accepted, then another payment method needs to be selected to complete the order.

For self-employed individuals or companies with the GbR legal form, the information is not always verifiable with credit agencies. In this case, enter your first and last name in the check-out window. This allows real-time verification via SCHUFA scoring and only then can you proceed to check-out via Billie.

How do I receive my invoice?

The invoice is provided to you by Billie, after you completed your purchase and we have shipped your items.
It is sent to you by email, to the email address provided during the purchase, together with the payment instructions.
It is also available to download via Billie's Buyer Portal.
If you have any questions regarding your invoice, please contact Billie directly at:

Who is Billie?

Billie is the market leading provider of "Buy Now, Pay Later" (BNPL) payment methods, using real-time customer verification for B2B online stores. With BNPL, business customers can pay invoices after receiving their goods or services and have the freedom to choose how and when they want to pay.

Billie was founded in 2016 with a mission to modernize the B2B transaction system and provide the freedom to online stores and their business customers to pay and get paid on their own terms, with innovative digital payment services and modern checkout solutions.

For more information, visit .

Business purchasing made easy

Easy payment with Billie's post-payment method. No registration required. Payment term of 30 days.