Rock Exotica Transporter tool hook

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Regular price € 89,99 ex. BTW
Regular price € 97,66 ex. BTW Sale price € 89,99 ex. BTW

With the Transporter, Rock Exotica once again puts a high-quality product for professionals on the market. The Petzl caritool reinvented only better... The Transporter is designed as a 'Tool holder' with user-friendliness and safety as a starting point. The opening is equipped with a manual lock and special design that ensures maximum opening. The manual lock is double equipped and you can lock it if necessary. If it is more convenient to leave the Transporter open for a while, this is also possible. The top (shelf) is designed in such a way that you can easily move material out of the way there. The transporter is easy to operate even with gloves. The Transporter is semi-permanently attached to the harness with an aluminum plate and 4 screws. This ensures that the Transporter remains in place and upright when using small and large materials. Wide flat base keeps the transporter upright and secure. "Shelf" provides space to sort material. "winged gate" for maximum opening and easy operation. Manual operation Suitable for various harnesses and webbing thickness. Supplied with 2 lengths of screws for different webbing thickness. Webbing width up to 5.1 cm


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