NLG Mini Coil Tool Lanyard

Our smallest tool lanyard for light materials

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Article number: NLG-101371
Regular price € 13,95 ex. BTW
Regular price Sale price € 13,95 ex. BTW

NLG's Mini Coil Lanyard is specifically designed to prevent the most commonly dropped electronic equipment from falling - cell phones and walkie-talkies. In addition, it is suitable for use with any other tool or equipment weighing less than 1 kg. Consider, for example, small tools, instruments and cameras. The Mini Coil Lanyard is designed for use with a leash, harness or wrist strap and is suitable for use in confined spaces. This small, non-conductive tool line can be rotated 360° and has a built-in breakout mechanism to reduce the risk of snagging. It can be used with NLG's Mini Adhesive , Radio Pouch , Smartphone case or phone harness .


- The ultra-compact design stays neatly out of the way and reduces the chance of snagging.
- Compact non-conductive 360° rotatable connector.
- Detachable micro loop is ideal for electronic equipment and small appliances.
- Easy to clean thanks to PU cover.
- The inspection tag is made for demanding environments.
- Unique serial number for easy identification and tracking.
- CE marked.
- Dynamic load tested and certified by third parties (safety factor 2:1)


Dimensions: extendable from 30cm to 95cm
Maximum load: 1 kg

The Mini Coil Tool Lanyard is the perfect metal-free tool lanyard for small electronics and tools. Protect your phone, walkie-talkie or compact camera against a fall.


1-2-3 Tethering

choose a tool anchor, the right tool lanyard, an anchor point and your material is securely attached.

How do I choose the right tool lanyard?

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