NLG Ascent Bucket lifting bag 100/30

Sturdy lifting bag with 30L capacity, certified up to 100kg

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Article number: NLG-101360-30
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The completely new NLG Ascent Bucket 100/30™ is the most versatile lifting bag / rope bag on the market. It is the bag that every professional has on their wish list.

The lifting bag is made of ultra strong and durable Megatex and has a safe working load of 100 kg.

The bag is rainproof and offers numerous functionalities for the professional.

NLG Ascent Bucket™ is an ideal lifting bucket for transporting tools and materials on site.

The bag has 6 internal D-rings for attaching tools using Tool lanyards . The internal anchor points can hold up to 5kg each, sufficient for most tools.

The plastic ring at the top of the bag ensures that the bag remains open and you have easy access to the contents, the ring can be removed for easier storage or transport.


- WLL 100 kg / 30 L capacity A safe working load of 100 kg ensures that you can lift quite a lot of material.
- The capacity of 30 liters is sufficient for 110 meters of rope.
- The 100kg working load limit has been tested and certified by an external agency in accordance with a 4:1 safety factor.
- Megatex material The bag is made of incredibly sturdy and waterproof Megatex material. The PVC-like material is designed to withstand dynamic impact forces. In addition, it is easy to clean.
- The bag has mounting loops on the bottom and top.
- Thanks to the plastic top ring, you can easily remove the ropes from the bag or put them back in.
- Rainproof The waterproof 'dry bag' closure and the waterproof Megatex material provide maximum protection for the contents of the bag.
- Thanks to the sturdy bottom, the bag always remains upright.
- The ventilation opening at the bottom of the bag removes any moisture and provides natural ventilation, so the bag is not completely waterproof, but it prevents mold on the contents.
- The Ascent Bucket has 6 internal anchor points with a load capacity of up to 5kg each. The bucket also offers space on the outside to attach carabiners, tool lanyards, etc. to the so-called 'Daisy chain'.
- The orange marked lifting strap is intended for hoisting the bag.
- At the bottom of the bucket there is an orange strap to which the next bucket can be attached, so you can easily hoist several bags underneath each other through a small opening.
- The Ascent Bucket is also equipped with a comfortable handle to carry the bag or connect it directly to a harness.
- The information window of 18x13cm can be provided with all information about the contents of the bag or the owner.
- The label type displays the WLL, maximum content, and properties at a glance.
- The bag has a unique serial number for registration and periodic inspection.


Dimensions: 40cm (H) x 33cm (W) x 33cm (D)
Maximum safe working load: 100KG
CE, UK CA and ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 certified
(7:1 safety factor)


Article number


Maximum load

100 kg


0.0 kg