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Is fall protection tools mandatory?

Is tool fall protection mandatory when working at height?

Yes, but what about that? Regarding fall protection for persons, the law states that fall protection above 2.5 m* is mandatory . No height is specified for fall protection or securing tools, but the law does state that it is mandatory.

Article 3.17 of the working conditions decree contains the following obligation:
" The danger of being struck or hit by objects must be avoided ."

Article 7.23C - paragraph 1e of the working conditions decree states:
"The tools and other accessories used by the employee are connected to the employee's harness or seat, referred to in Article 7.23, fourth paragraph , or attached in another suitable manner;"

In addition to being a safe choice, the use of fall protection for tools and other materials at height is also a legal obligation. The aim of the working conditions decree is to guarantee the safety and health of both employees and third parties. The regulations help prevent accidents.

Apply the correct tool securing or fall protection and prevent accidents or damage to tools and the environment due to falling material. Our range of starter kits , tool lanyards and storage bags help you make the workplace safer.

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More information about working safely at height can be found on Ropetech.nl and the Working at Height Working Conditions Portal .

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